Erich Focht

NEC has recently changed its policy for providing the proprietary NEC compiler collection (ncc, nc++, nfort). The need for a compiler license has been eliminated. Compiler support packages are still available and can be purchased through your local NEC sales representative.

These compilers are auto-vectorizing and auto-parallelizing and rely on 30 years of vector compilers experience. They offer many methods for controling the optimizations done by the compiler, down to programming with vector registers (but without intrinsics). They provide very detailed information on the performed optimizations and loop transformations and reasons for (eg.) skipped optimizations, helping the users to tune their codes.

The documentation of the compilers is availabe at NEC’s documentation site:

The RPM packages for the compilers are available in the following yum repositories:

  • for RHEL7 and compatible distributions:
  • for RHEL8 and compatible distributions:

Package dependencies are available in the other NEC SX-Aurora VE related repositories located at .

PS: NEC’s proprietary MPI can be also downloaded freely now. The packages are located at .