Welcome to a little blog which is dedicated to posting things we learned about SX-Aurora TSUBASA, the new vector processor from NEC.

My name is Erich Focht and I work for NEC HPC Europe, doing R&D on various topics like system architecture, distributed systems software and vector systems. The posts on this site reflect my personal views and not those of my employer. The same holds for colleagues and friends who occasionally contribute content.

Long time ago I worked with vector supercomputers weighing tons, running proprietary operating systems, using custom CPU technology and custom high speed interconnects. I always wanted something smaller, a kind of “personal supercomputer” with the capabilities, efficiency and easy programmability of these vector machines but the size of a desktop PC. These days have finally come with the SX-Aurora Vector Engine (VE)! Everything is still new about this CPU, the OS, the compilers, the libraries, the Linux-alike look and feel. Sometimes when I learn something about the VE, I write notes or little posts, such that I can find the information again and others can - maybe - save some time and use it for their own developments.